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My Yarn Revolution

14 Nov

I can’t be the only one who abhors finding the patten of my dreams only to discover that the author lists the yarn only by name, which is inevitably something like Out-of-stock Fancy Pancy Yarn in Obscure Color No One Has Ever Seen in Stores. So then I have to go researching. I find it for sale in Great Britain for £700.00 a skein. Ummmm, no. Then I have to click around a hundred websites to find out what weight Out-of-stock Fancy Pancy Yarn is before I can start to consider a reasonable substitute. Boo!

So, I call for all pattern authors, whether in print or online, to tell us the weight of the yarn you used! Sure, I don’t mind knowing what brand and color exactly you used, but I am 99% sure I’m going to substitute it, so make it easy for the rest of us!

At any rate, out of consideration for other knitters of a similar mindset, all patterns I post here will list the yarn by weight, along with the gauge, so that any one who has a mind to make the pattern can simply go to their favorite local store and get whatever yarn strikes their fancy. If that’s Fancy Pancy Yarn at £700.00 a skein, go for it. But if it’s Super Cheap-O Yarn for $0.99 a skein, that’s okay, too. Enjoy.

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