My Yarn Revolution

14 Nov

I can’t be the only one who abhors finding the patten of my dreams only to discover that the author lists the yarn only by name, which is inevitably something like Out-of-stock Fancy Pancy Yarn in Obscure Color No One Has Ever Seen in Stores. So then I have to go researching. I find it for sale in Great Britain for £700.00 a skein. Ummmm, no. Then I have to click around a hundred websites to find out what weight Out-of-stock Fancy Pancy Yarn is before I can start to consider a reasonable substitute. Boo!

So, I call for all pattern authors, whether in print or online, to tell us the weight of the yarn you used! Sure, I don’t mind knowing what brand and color exactly you used, but I am 99% sure I’m going to substitute it, so make it easy for the rest of us!

At any rate, out of consideration for other knitters of a similar mindset, all patterns I post here will list the yarn by weight, along with the gauge, so that any one who has a mind to make the pattern can simply go to their favorite local store and get whatever yarn strikes their fancy. If that’s Fancy Pancy Yarn at £700.00 a skein, go for it. But if it’s Super Cheap-O Yarn for $0.99 a skein, that’s okay, too. Enjoy.


Simple Mittens for Baby

14 Nov

I needed warm mittens for my two month old baby – fast! I wanted to use scrap worsted weight yarn I had on hand that would knit up quickly, and I didn’t want to bother with a thumb when my baby wouldn’t use it anyway. But I still wanted a nice mitten cuff and shape. A pattern was born!

I have learned that when making cuffs, it is a good idea to use a needle that is one size smaller than needed for the project’s gauge. The ribbing makes it stretchy, but the smaller needle keeps it snug.

Hands are essentially flat, so a mitten’s decrease should not make a hat shape but rather a sort of pancake shape. This pattern does that! 

(Yarn pictured is I Love This Cotton in Sage Ombre.)

 Simple Mittens for Baby

 By Carrie Richardson (c) 2010

Yarn: Medium 4/Worsted Weight

Gauge: 18 st & 23 rows = 4” on larger needles

Needles: US 7 (4.5 mm) and US 8 (5 mm) DPNs OR size needed to obtain gauge, and US I-9 crochet hook. 

Size: 0-3 mo.


Using smaller needles and long-tail technique, cast on 24 sts. Divide evenly among 3 needles, place marker for beginning of round if desired, and join, being careful not to twist the sts. Work 6 rnds in K1, P1 rib.


Change to larger needles. Work 10 rnds in St st.


[K1, k2tog, k6, skp, k1] 2 times.

[K1, k2tog, k4, skp, k1] 2 times.

[K1, k2tog, k4, skp, k1] 2 times.

[K1, k2tog, skp, k1] 2 times.

Cut yarn and thread through remaining sts.

Weave in ends.

Make 2.

Crochet chain about 25 inches long (or length needed to run through the sleeves and across the back of the baby’s jacket) and attach to inside of cuffs.

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